Autumn’s Bold and Fun Bedroom

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  • Autumn's Bold and Fun Bedroom15/23
  • Painted Lavender Desk16/23
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  • Painted Green Drawer Front Overlays with Cute Pink Knobs19/23
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  • Polka Dot Accent Bedroom Wall23/23

A Project For







A transitional bedroom for kid gone tween!

Design Inspiration

Autumn wanted a bold and fun bedroom! We took a cue from the Pottery Barn Teen chevron shams and went from there.

Project Details

Polka Dot Stencil:

Bedding: Pottery Barn Teen

Drapes: Target

Dresser: This was my husband's as a child, but I ordered drawer fronts from, painted them the color of the polka dots on the walls, and added cute knobs from Hobby Lobby

Desk: This was mine as a child, and Autumn chose the lavender for me to paint it.

Shower Curtain in Adjoining Bathroom: Ebay

Print in Adjoining Bathroom: Etsy

Decal around the Letter A: Etsy

Chandelier: IKEA

"Hello Gorgeous!" Sign: Home Goods

Orange Lamp: Hobby Lobby

Hot Pink Puff Ball Lamp: Home Goods


Favorite Items

Love the dresser transformation! I also really love the fun wall of dots, and the decal around her initial.

*Update! New favorite item is the "Hello Gorgeous!" sign from Home Goods! Just bought it today!


Working with a 10 year old can be tricky because they may want a color that is overpowering. Try to find places to balance the color. In this case, the solid white drapes helped.


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    Where did you get the chair for her desk? my daughter has a desk like that and I need to find a chair!

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