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Major’s Wild West Birthday


  1. Tasha Cune says:

    I absolutely adore the cardboard boxes that you transformed into a western village. Cardboards are on my list of the best toys of all time :-)

  2. Sabrina-PN says:

    Cool idea! Congrats on being of our favorite projects of the week!

  3. awesome setup! love that tent

  4. Drake Nick says:

    Thank you so much! I had so much fun with it!

  5. Drake Nick says:

    Thank you, Sabrina!

  6. Drake Nick says:

    Thank you, Kasia!

  7. Tasha Cune says:

    I would like to try doing it too, but I will work around a different theme. My daughter wants a fairyland birthday party, so maybe cardboard fairy houses. Thanks for giving me the idea!

  8. Drake says:

    That would be so cute and so much fun!

  9. Johanna says:

    Love the town made of boxes! Super cute!

  10. Cameron Stimson says:

    This is the cutest party! I love everything, from the red checkered tablecloths and details to the burlap, Major’s cowboy outfit, the box city, love it all! You did an amazing job!

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