Austin’s Southern Farm Nursery

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I grew up on a farm in the country, and even though we live in "town" now, I wanted Austin's Southern Farm Nursery to reflect my family's farm background.  The horns, which belonged to my grandfather, are the piece that inspired the Southern Farm concept.  A complement to Grandaddy's horns is the sweet painting of the little boy by my grandmother, based on a vintage painting she found.  She is 85 and painted it especially for Austin, her first great grandson.

I sewed the tractors hanging from the mobile using felt and buttons for wheels, and I hung them from a branch found on the family farm.  I also cross-stitched the tractor in the distressed wooden frame, which was special to me because of the sweet cross-stitches my mother did for our nurseries when we were babies.

My best advice is "gift or thrift" whenever possible!  Almost everything in the nursery was either a gift or purchased inexpensively at TJ Maxx, Homegoods, Craigslist, and other budget-conscious options.

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