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Ariston’s Eclectic Nursery

  • LarzyB

    I LOVE how you put your bebe’s books in the pedal car!! Very cute nursery!

  • jennarobbins

    Such an awesome nursery! Love love your chevron bedding and you have overall such a great eye! The gallery wall is too cool and the little red pedal car makes my heart melt. I just found one at Kohls!! We will be getting re-stationed in December so if Nash ends up with a bigger space wherever we move to then Im gonna have to get him one too! oh and I have to ask….was Ariston on time?? I see he is due now! Congrats!

  • Lmphotos


    Thank you so much!!! It just seemed like the perfect place right by the glider….. at least until he can use the car! ;)

  • Lmphotos


    Thank you!!! We are so in love with that pedal car!! ;) And no ma’am…. he was due yesterday and he’s still cozy inside my belly today! Guess he’s telling me he’ll be here when he’s ready! ;)

  • Catherine

    I love it all! Such a happy room- great job! The crib, it looks to be an off-white color? I’m on the hunt for a crib that will match a PBK changing table I have and this one has the beadboard, but still works for a boy… fill me in, is it white white or slightly creamy?
    Good luck with your delivery!

  • Lmphotos


    Hi!! Thank you!! We just put a sheet of white paper against it so we could give you an accurate answer…. We would say that it is slightly off-white. Not cream… but not bright white. Hope that helps!! We love the crib….I like the lines of it because it doesn’t have the typical curves that you find on so many cribs. Plus this one is convertible which we hope will grow well with him.

    And thank you!! He still hasn’t made his appearance yet but we know it’s just a matter of time! :)

  • Linda

    This is such a great nursery! You’ve already thought of everything you’ll need, and it’s all within easy reach. The perfect place to spend time and the colors are so relaxing! Well done!

  • Catherine


    Thanks so much! That will match perfectly! You have ended my search- thank you thank you thank you!! And yes, as my Dr father-in-law always says, Babies don’t read books…they’ll come in their own sweet time and do all those accomplishments when they do them. :)

  • Donna richardson

    What color did you paint the walls.

  • Mary

    Where did you get the small giraffe on the crib? Do you remember?


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