Ari’s Colorful Toddler Room

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A Project For





Nashville, Tennessee


A modern, colorful bedroom for a big boy bed, plenty of toys and books, and room to grow.

Design Inspiration

I wanted a wall color that would be a bit more grown up and one that would make artwork pop! A warm gray brown - Martha Stewart Brook Trout - set the stage for art, garlands, and toys. I wanted Ari to have a good space to play and dream. Toddler-height toys and his very own playroom, aside from one he shares with his brother.

Decorating Style

Clean, modern but warm-feeling. I like neutrals with touches of color.

Project Details

I'm happy to share! All details and links are on my blog,

Favorite Items

My favorite item is the printers box that now houses Ari's matchbox car collection. It keeps him busy...


Start with a neutral paint color- that way any and all artwork will match and look like it works because there's not strict set color story. It will make your room look happy and fun!


  1. 1

    Where did you get the bed and rails at?

  2. 2

    Hey! They’re from Pottery Barn Kids.

  3. 3

    Where is the shelving unit that holds his books from?

  4. 4

    Where is the shelving unit that holds his books from?

  5. 5

    Hi! They’re from Land of Nod. I have to say, they’re tricky to install- I had a handy man come out and do it to make sure they’re secure.

  6. 6

    Thanks! (And by “install”, I’m assuming you mean mounting it to the wall so it doesn’t tip? Thanks for the heads up) :)

  7. 7

    Ohhhhh… yikes… so I answered this when I was so tired last night and thought you were talking about my son’s nursery (which I have on PN too!) Sorry! The cube book shelves and bins are from Martha Stewart’s line at Home Depot! So sorry about that. :/

  8. 8

    Oh, haha! Thank you (cuz I definitely couldn’t find it on LoN’s website, lol) :)

  9. 9

    Hey! Do you know the name of the bed? I tried looking it up and can’t find it..LOVE the room!

  10. 10

    Thank you! It’s the camp bed:|camp+bed|7|best|0|1|24||1&cm_src=Quickbuy

  11. 11

    Where are the polka dot basket/bins from?

  12. 12

    Are the bed rails from PB too! Such a great looking room!

  13. 13

    Where did you get the colorful strand that is hanging over the bed?

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