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Aria’s Bright & Modern Nursery

  • Dana McCann

    Love this! What a beautiful and peaceful area. Incredibly creative!

  • Frauline

    Wow! I didn’t know this many tissue pompoms and in a variety of colors would have such a pretty and lovely effect!

  • stephanie

    I love the pom poms! I have a few paper lanterns in my 16 mo. olds room and love them. How did you make the ones that look like fish scales?

  • Michele

    Love your nursery! Any chance you can share how you affixed the pom poms? Also do you have a website or tutorial for the how to on the pom poms?

  • JessicaMorales

    Thanks, Dana!!

  • JessicaMorales

    thanks, Frauline!!

  • JessicaMorales

    Thanks, Stephanie!! Here’s a tutorial on how to make the poms with the scales:

  • JessicaMorales

    Thanks, Michele! Here are a few tutorials on how to make the poms: and
    I tied the poms to fishing line and then used thumb tacks to attach them to the ceiling – which has been sufficient so far, given that they are fairly lightweight.
    Good luck!


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