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Aqua & Pink Nursery

  • JessDon615

    Love it!!! We are doing pink and aqua too!!!

    What is the paint color you used?

  • Holly

    Love this!!!

  • Rachael Johnson

    Cure! What is the brand and name of the aqua paint?

  • Tasha Cune

    Nice colors! The calmness and tranquility of aqua combined with the femininity and stimulating effect of candy pink. The tree wall decal is quite pretty, too.

  • Christina

    Id love to tell you the paint color but it ended up being a custom color. We did use behr paint but I think the color was based off glidden

  • Rachael Johnson

    Do you have the can of paint you used? It should list the formula that made that color. It is on the lid and lists initials of colors and amounts used. If you have it and do mot mind telling us that would be kind and appreciated. We all like it.

  • Sarah Wall

    Yes I would love to know what color that is too!

  • KimRose757

    Did anyone find the tree decade? I can’t find it on etsy. Anyone want to copy and paste the URL please :)

  • Nicole

    I found the decal on Etsy! I typed “pinknbluebaby” in the search box on the etsy homepage. The decal is the first one on page 5. BUT the picture they show has a brown tree with pink leaves, and brown and pink owls. You have to customize the colors yourself.

    I’m in LOVE with your room colors and design! Any update on the paint color?

  • Amy

    Question for you about the bedding as I have been looking at this set for awhile online. Is it more in the pink family or orange/coral family I can’t tell from your photo. Thanks!

  • christina

    I just checked the paint can and the numbers are faded from it sitting in the garage in the heat. the bedding is definitely pink not orange/coral at all. More of a dark pink :)


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