Annelise’s Birds and Nesting Baby Shower

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Birds and Nesting Baby Shower themed for a baby girl.

Design Inspiration

I was inspired by my baby's Nursery theme, Penelope from Pottery Barn Kids.  Then I used the "Tweet Baby Girl" party theme from as my color palette and design inspiration.

Decorating Style

Girly, fun and lots of pink and purple.

Project Details

Cake: Divine Gula Cakes

Cookies & Foood Tags: Handmade in Dominican Republic

Diaper Cake: Etsy

Birdcage: Home Goods

Glassware: Home Goods

Guests Signature Tree:  Modern Keepsake

It's a Girl Garnald: Etsy

Centerpieces & Bird Houses: DIY project (Michaels)

Party Supplies:

Favorite Items

My favorite item was the receiving table, it turned out very cute and delicate.


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    I super duper love the cake with all its flowery details. Good thing it wasn’t my cake or I would never have had the heart to slice and eat it! Your table centerpieces are cute and adorable too.

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