Anala’s First Birthday

  • giftboxes1/13
  • anala poster2/13
  • pinata3/13
  • Anala 14/13
  • water slide5/13
  • sweets6/13
  • cake pops7/13
  • Analas first bday sweets8/13
  • CMYK MnMs 29/13
  • CMYK MnMs10/13
  • Anala cupcakes211/13
  • anala cupcakes12/13
  • cry if you want to13/13


1st Birthday

Design Inspiration

COLOR! CMYK theme if you will. My daughter's middle name is Cyan and we thought it was only fitting to carry on with the color theme.

Decorating Style

Fun and free!

Project Details

WE made almost every thing and my husband branded everything to make a great look!

Favorite Items

Gift Boxes that we had from the party


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    Sorry it has taken me so long to respond. I did it on the M&M store. They are a bit pricey but I could not resist.

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