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All Things Pink and Girly (Finally!)

  • Barbiejean

    This is beautiful! What is the paint color you used?

  • Maria

    Thanks so much! Sorry we’re renting so I don’t know the paint color. I’ll try to find out for you though. :)

  • Subrena_T

    Beautiful nursery! Where did you get the chandelier? I love it! I live in Ontario, so I am hoping I can get same one… Thank you!

  • Sarah

    Soo beautiful, love everything

  • subrena_t

    Sorry, i must have missed it before and just noted that you have it listed from pottery barn!

  • Kathy

    I love your nursery! Do you know the paint color for the walls? Thanks!

  • Janna

    Can you find any of the Homesense products in the States?

  • Leslie

    Beautiful! I know you got the ottoman at TJ Maxx…. Could you tell me the brand or manufacturer? I LOVE it!

  • Maria

    Leslie I’m so sorry I’ve had the ottaman for about two years and I don’t remember who the manufacturer is. I removed the labels so there isn’t anything on it indicating who made it. Wish I could have helped. :(

  • Maria

    Janna I’m not sure. Probably. I think Homesense might be owned by the same company as TJ Maxx and Marshall’s so they probalby have some of the same manufacturers items. Stores like that are so random though– you never know what you’ll find (which can be either really fun or really annoying).

  • Maria

    Kathy we’re renting so I didn’t know the paint color off the top of my head but I did just find out the paint color today. It is General Paint Silver Shimmer (8771W) and Metal Shavings (8775D). It’s a really true gray color.

  • Maria

    It is General Paint Silver Shimmer (8771W) and Metal Shavings (8775D).

  • Megan

    Love the white frames and mirror on the wall. I live in Australia. Does Homesense have a website to order online? I would love to buy some?

  • Steph

    i would love to know how your grandmother made her rugs! i know you didn’t Make these ones but it is such a good idea!

  • Heidi

    Gorgeous room!! Where are those curtains from??? They are awesome!

  • Amy

    Are those colors mixed or the walls painted different colors?

  • Jo

    I’m wondering how you were able to order the glider chair from – I see you are in Canada (as am I) and the Target website says they won’t deliver to Canada. Did you go to the States to pick it up?

  • Micha Lewis

    Interested also :)

  • Leanne Beukema

    Hi, just also curious. Went to general paint and got both colours which are really dark and really light..are they a mix then?

  • Michelle Lynn Almeida

    In regards to the paint color, did you blend the two together?

  • Zhela

    I’m in love with this!

  • Sabrina Shewmake

    I was hoping to find out if you blended these two paint colors together [General Paint Silver Shimmer (8771W) and Metal Shavings (8775D)], as asked below a few times, or if one of these colors was the wall color, and the other the ceiling or an accent wall color? It seems that you probably blended the two, but I was hoping to find out for sure. Thanks so much! :)

  • Lena

    I know this has been asked a few times, did you mix the two paint colours together to achieve the wall colour?
    Many Thanks

  • Sara

    We did the rugs for our nursery. You get a latch hook backing, then cut fabric of your choice in 1inch by 4 inches and just pull them through the holes.You don’t have to fill every hole. Its easy but it takes a lot of time.

  • Carol

    The long white dresser was made in Canada. I bought the -identical -one when our little girl was born in 1968. When she was 2 we bought her the white double canopy bed. When she went to high school, we bought her the matching desk.When her little girl, our granddaughter was born, ( she is now 11 ) it was all passed on to her, except the canopy bed…which is in the guest bedroom. Yes the handles are brass colour, the silver looks great. What a beautiful room. I love pink and white for a little girls room.

  • Maria

    Yes, we shipped to family in the US and drove down to pick it up.

  • Maria

    No, the darker color is behind the crib and the lighter color is on the remainder of the walls.

  • Maria

    Thanks for the info!! I was wondering how old the dresser and nightstand are. They are so sturdy and in fantastic shape for their age! I absolutely love them.

  • Maria

    Thanks! I made the curtains.

  • Maria

    Thank you! Sadly, Homesense does not have an e-commerce website. :( I really wish they did too!

  • Shabby McFabby

    I just created this wall grouping of custom frames for one of my customer’s who just had a baby girl! They turned~out so beyond gorgeous!!!

    Contact me, if you I can be of any assitance to you @


  • Francesca

    I love this nursery!! I live in NJ. How can I purchase hair accessory holder? I’ve been looking for something for a while now. I love this.

  • Jessica Roop

    I am so in LOVE with this nursery!!! I wish I could find that ottoman. Its adorable. Totally using this as my inspiration for my lil girls nursery. Thank you for sharing this. If you have any tips on where to find a similar ottoman send them my way. I’m officially on the hunt. haha

  • Krista

    What is the wall color? This nursery is beautiful and will be my inspiration if we are having a girl.

  • Ashley S Rivera

    If I may ask, because I am in the process of planning our nursery…How do you like your glider?

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  • kirah

    uuugh i need that ottoman


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