Alexander’s Nursery

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This is a cheery modern nursery for a baby boy.

Design Inspiration

Skylines, chevrons, and animals.

Decorating Style

Modern, organized, colorful, personalized touches on a budget.

Project Details

-Crib, changing table and dresser from Walmart: -Skyline bedding and changing table cover by DwellStudio: -Custom letters from etsy: -Animal and robot art prints by doodle girl designs on etsy: -Leather glider from Homegoods -Shelf from ikea:

Favorite Items

The custom art prints of the animals and robots. -Animal and robot art prints by doodle girl designs on etsy:


Splurge on some items, but be frugal on others. For example the furniture was a great deal so, I spent a little more on getting the bedding I really wanted. Stores like TJmaxx and Target always have treasures. Etsy and Ebay are great for custom items and deals.


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