A’s First Birthday Cowboy Party

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For my Son's first birthday I wanted to celebrate it western/ Mexican Style. I tried to find items that both reflected a cowboy and mexican theme.

Design Inspiration

My inspiration for this project was anything western!

Decorating Style

Fun and colorful

Project Details

It all started with the invitation I collected old jeans, cut out the pockets and used them to insert a bandana and the invitation. For the party I bought 6 hay bales, broke one open and spread it all over the yard. I borrowed saddles and accersories from good friends and used as deco. My sis brought me the mexican flags (papel picado) from Mexico it added a Mex touch and great color. The table linens were a great find $25 at the fabric Dist. in L.A (13yrds). I got the idea for the center pieces on line. They were each being sold for $35 ea. I made my own for $ 4ea. On the invitaiton I asked everyone to come dressed in their best western gear, this gave the party a real feel of being on a ranch. I made the barn for the garage door out of fabric, all for $13.

Favorite Items

Everything was my favorite, but I would have to say the invitations really set of the party to a great start!


By planning ahead you can really find bargains. I would also suggest making as much as you can yourself this will really help you stay on a budget.


  1. 1

    Wow!!! I love it. I’m originally from California and now reside in Texas so I am totally feeling the theme! Yeehaa!! A great theme for an upcoming party for my son.

  2. 2

    Thank you we had lots of fun planning his birthday. This is a great theme, hope u enjoy planning your sons next birthday!

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