Host a ‘Adopt an Elf’ Holiday Party

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Host a "Adopt an Elf" Party for the kids this Holiday Season!

Design Inspiration

Tiny Prints The Elf Invitation Design and Tiny Prints Holiday Personalized Decor items, such as throw blanket & snowflake pillow, personalized wrapping papers.

Decorating Style

Clean and modern with DIY ideas that are easy to recreate.

Favorite Items

The paintable cookie - it's a unique idea to keep the kids entertained. Best part? They can eat their creation!

The Elf Adoption center - kids get to adopt an elf by filling out an adoption certificate and take their new buddy in fun gable boxes.


Plan a stress free party by decorating plain goodies from your local bakery. Wrap up gifts in beautiful wrapping papers and display them as props. A festive pillow and throw blanket are nice items to make your party look warm and cozy.

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