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Addelyn’s Nursery

  • Tasha Cune

    Judging from the photos, this is a very small room. Or maybe there’s more to it that we cannot see in the pictures? If it is small, maybe plain curtains will do the trick and add an illusion of space. It rather looks very crowded and cluttered in this corner (first photo).

  • emsimpson7

    Tasha Cune,

    Thanks for the advice! YES, the room is very very small. Not even a closet! I haven’t posted the picture of the other wall that has her armoire and princess dresser but it’s literally right out of picture view. I actually took these pictures almost a year ago so they aren’t very up to date! I did change the curtains, remove the changing table (since my almost one year old won’t stay put on it) and a couple other things. I’ll post soon!


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