Adalyn’s Nursery

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Baby girl's nursery

Design Inspiration

I wanted my daughter to have a girly, but classy room.  I wanted to use somewhat vintage looking decor while keeping the softness that a nursery needs.  I fell in love with the blue paint color and the armoire.  The room does not have a closet, so the armoire is what inspired me.

Decorating Style

traditional with some funk. I love to use old pieces and new peices that look old. I also love to add something unordinary to every room.  I love to make colors pop.

Project Details

My mom and I own a home decor store named Jonnie's in Odessa, Texas and I found most of the items thru the store.

Favorite Items

My favorite item is the bird poppy picture. I love how it brings the colors of the room together.  I also love the rug. It has so many colors with so much depth.


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    Adalyn has some gorgeous dresses :)  Where did you get them???  I think it’s nice to hang nice dresses in a room, it serves its purpose as a dress and a decor :)

  2. 2

    Great splash of color here!!!! I specifically love that painting of the flowers and the birds, not only is it very eyecatching, it also somehow unifies the room’s many colors :) Did you paint that?

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