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Abram’s Nursery


  • Lulubean

    Great rug! Like the “gentleman” idea too!

  • Amber Powers

    That letter A shelf is really cool! I like the DIY mobile, too.

  • Tiffany

    Where can I get the “rules to being a gentlemen” sign?

  • Andrea Lowe

    I’m curious as to what the 10, 12, 19, 24. 33, 48 means.

  • Janah Upton

    it looks like a fortune cookie paper and there are always numbers recommended, for lotto and things like that.

  • Lily

    Love the flooring and the walls. So cute plus it’s not too babyish for a boy to outgrow. Great job!

    Smart Carpet

  • Girly Lowe


  • Britt

    Are you willing to share what color that blue paint is? Thanks!

  • Lola

    I love everything in the room most specially the book shelf that was made by
    Abrams ‘s grandfather. He will treasure and pass to another generation for it is made by his grandpa for his first grandson.

  • Hmazzuto

    Yes, it was actually a fortune I got when I was 4 months pregnant!

  • Hmazzuto

    I found it somewhere, I forgot, eeps… But then I just typed it up! Easy peasy!

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