A Spa-licious Soiree

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A budget friendly Spa party for my daughter s 8th birthday.

Design Inspiration

I have seen so many adorable Spa party ideas on various party blogs. So I wanted to give it a try but the key was sticking to a budget.

Decorating Style


Project Details

I am a big time DIY-er so I pretty much made everything from the labels to the wreath, and the tissue pompom.

Favorite Items

My favorite items would have to be the cake stands I found at a discount store. So cheap yet so adorable!


Just because you have a small budget doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style. I took my time and collected various items from discount stores and made sure to get things that I can use again.

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    Oh such fun!!!! This spa party idea is great, it makes little girls feel like little women, am sure to try it one of these days!!!!  I think that everything here is just lovely. So love those cupcakes too

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