A Home Run Nursery for Baby Derek

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When we found out we were having a little boy, we just knew we had to do a baseball-themed nursery! My husband is a huge Yankees fan, so we chose a gray, blue, and white color scheme and used vintage baseball touches and artwork throughout. We chose furniture pieces that could last through several theme changes as our child ages and has his own opinion, and pieces that provided plenty of flexible storage, like a dresser as a storage table and canvas cubes in a bookcase along with wall shelves for more books and knick knacks.

Design Inspiration

The first piece I found was the Yankees ABCs print above our glider, on Etsy. That set off my search for baseball-themed artwork that wasn't too fanboyish and not too babyish. Then, we chose to bring in accents -- like the light switch cover and bobbleheads -- that showed Yankee pride and vintage touches like the walnut-and-iron wall hook and antique nightstand that reflected the timelessness of baseball.

Decorating Style

Vintage modern, youthful and boyish without being babyish or too adult.

Project Details

Favorite Items

It's a toss up between the glider (SO comfy), the dresser (just my style), the baseball lamp, and the DIY baseball mobile above the changing table. Oh, and the Yankees ABC print. Ok, maybe it's hard to choose just one favorite!


Start with one piece and build out from there so you know what you're trying to coordinate. Don't try to be matchy matchy -- the crib, bookcase, and wall shelves came from IKEA and a few accent pieces like the floor lamp, hamper, and changing table basket from Target, but otherwise, we focused on finding the perfect piece than getting everything from all one vendor. Stay true to your goal and don't rest until you find just the right object. For example, I had my heart set on a navy-and-white-striped rug (for our color scheme and Yankee pinstripes) and could only find one that matched my criteria, and it was back ordered -- but I successfully emailed the company and they pointed me toward a similar rug with wider stripes not on back order that I had overlooked! A little persistence goes a long way when trying to accomplish your goal.


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