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A Giraffe-inspired Baby Shower


  • Sarah M

    Honored to be a *small* part of your wonderful design and creation of a beautiful and memorable shower. Your sister is blessed to have you love her, and her growing family, so much!

  • Pear Tree Greetings

    Cute! Love the giraffe theme – adorable! And the cake looks delicious! Bet the baby shower was a hit! -Dani

  • Erin P

    Adorable! You are a fantastic designer and well on your way to a top designer. I love looking at the photos. You amaze me!

  • 12andcounting

    Very cute cake. And I really like your use of the radio flyer wagon. And that giraffe backdrop too.

  • Caroline Taylor Design

    Erin P,

    Thank you so much Erin P from Scotland! xo

  • Caroline Taylor Design

    Thank you so much Sarah! We loved your whoopie pies! How beautiful do they look in the photo?

  • Caroline Taylor Design

    Thank you for your wonderful feedback “Pear tree” and “12 days and counting”!

  • Andrea L

    Pics look great! Your vision is amazing…you will definitely go far with your designs. Glad we know and love you cause we will probably be asking you for your expert opinion soon! XO.

  • Heather

    I love the design patterns , colors and the thoughtfulness you put into into your creations. Also how you incorporate family time allowing your children to be involved. Fabulous fun.

  • caroline taylor

    Thank you for supporting my design efforts! Having a vision is one thing, but pulling it all together (within a few hours) takes a team of people, notably my sisters, mother and a few special friends. xoxo

  • Erin P

    Caroline Taylor Design,

    From Scotland?

  • Michelle S.

    caroline, do you have a twitter or facebook lmk, im over in Arlington :)

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