A Gentleman’s (Wild) Kingdom

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After designing my daughter's nursery, I knew I wanted to create an equally fun and eclectic space for our son. Like before, this was a labor of love...From picking out the design elements to installing a stone wall! It's a mix of DIY and store bought. A little kingdom for our little prince :)

Design Inspiration

The theme in my head was all over the place, but I definitely had a vision. It included exploration, animals, study, royalty, travel, and plenty of whimsy. With a masculine touch. Make sense?

Decorating Style

Colorful, pattern, texture, lots of little details!

Project Details

  1. Airstone Wall  - Lowe’s
  2. Antler Chandelier sprayed high gloss black - Home Depot
  3. Curtains and Rod - Lowe’s
  4. Animal Illustrations - Poor Dog Farm
  5. “Bebe” wall hanging - bought in France
  6. Furniture - Babies-R-Us
  7. Lamb Rocker - Pottery Barn Outlet
  8. Zebra Rug - Overstock.com
  9. Crib bedding - dwell studios sheets and hand made crib skirt
  10. “I want to go somewhere” print - The Sibling Shop
  11. Brother print - Jessica Swift
  12. Quote print - This Paper Ship
  13. Picture frames - World Market
  14. Keyhole print - The Sibling Shop
  15. Changing pad cover - Glenna Jean
  16. Eiffel tower lamp and diaper suitcase - Hobby Lobby
  17. High gloss mirror - Hobby Lobby
  18. Burlap animals - Garden Ridge (these were a GREAT deal!)
  19. Lamp and shade - World Market
  20. Iron Elephant - Irona Works
  21. Table top accessories- Hobby Lobby
  22. Zebra frame - World Market
  23. Dresser knobs - World Market (bought several kinds and mixed)
  24. Lamp and shade - World Market
  25. Night stand - Garden Ridge
  26. Glider and ottoman - Pottery Barn kids
  27. Birdcage print and frame - Pepper & Company
  28. Globe - Pier One
  29. Paris prints - from Paris this past winter!! :)
  30. Typewriter - World Market
  31. Wall Baskets for books - World Market
  32. Our wall color is called “Deep Sea Dive” from Sherwin Williams. The stone color is called “Spring Creek.”

Favorite Items

-Zebra rug
-Antler chandelier
-Illustrations above crib
-Wall color
-Stone wall


The airstone wall is a PROJECT, so just be ready to tackle it. It's easy, but time consuming.

If you don't like matchy-match crib bedding, create your own!I bought different kinds of sheets, pillows, a throw, and made the crib skirt.

Don't be afraid to mix pattern, colors, textures. Experiment even if it seems crazy! Be bold.

Add personal touches - family memorabilia, photos from travel, etc. This will make it even more special.



  1. 1

    Ohmigosh I LOVE this! I love the stone wall treatment, and the gray. I love that you have color, but it’s subtle and not too “babyish”. This is a stunning room!

  2. 2
  3. 3

    Love this room & I just happened to stumble across it right as I am decorating my son’s big boy room which is somewhat jungle/travel themed. Wish I had a Garden Ridge near me because I love those burlap animals and do you remember where you got the stuffed elephant in the crib? Beautiful work!

  4. 4
  5. 5

    this room is really eclectic and cool. love the stone wall– makes the room so interesting!

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  9. 9

    The elephant in the crib was a handmade gift from a friend – otherwise I would link :( It’s super cute! The burlap animals were SUCH a good find – and only $20. Amazing!

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  14. 14

    This literally is the cutest thing i have ever seen. Hoping i have a boy just so i can re-create this! Adorable!

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