A California Nursery

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A girl's bright and bold California-themed nursery, designed on a budget. (Color palette: Turquoise and Orange) The design could also work for a boy.

Design Inspiration

The California sun and beaches.

Decorating Style

Bold, colorful, budget-concious, fun, modern.

Project Details

When you have an idea of the kind of furniture you're looking for, start on Craigslist.com.

Favorite Items

The eco-friendly, all-wood, VOC-free painted, totally affordable yet classy crib by Walmart.com (yeah, believe it or not).


Just leave a comment and ask me or visit my blog http://thrasherho.me/ for more details and product info.


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    Hi, I love the California theme and colors of the room. What did you line the dresser drawers with and how did you apply it? Thanks!

  2. 2

    Hi elink14, thanks for your comment! I used gift wrapping paper from Paper Source to line the drawers and Mod-Podge to apply it. Come visit my blog for more info on how-to’s and products used for this nursery design. http://thrasherho.me/

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    You have to tell us what color turquoise you have on your wall.  That is the single most eye-catching color I’ve seen on here.  That alone makes this room very unique and beautiful.

  6. 6

    This certainly looks like a gem!  From the colors to the furnishings.  I so love that California state wall hanger you have there, and that toy storage bin.  Everything here has its own function and is not just for decoration only…. making it very beautiful and functional.

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