2nd Birthday Balloon Bash!

  • 2 in Balloons Present Table1/12
  • Drinks Table2/12
  • Jesus Loves You Sign and  Happy Birthday!3/12
  • Treat Bags4/12
  • Sweets and Treats Table Close-up5/12
  • Amazing Balloon Cake6/12
  • Balloon Wall Decor7/12
  • Sweets and Treats Table8/12
  • 2 Present Table Before the Presents and Signs9/12
  • Sweets and Treats DIY Signage10/12
  • Zechariah is 2! Balloon Wall Art!11/12
  • Balloon Mantle Decor12/12

A Project For

My Toddler






This was our toddler's 2nd birthday party! It was all about balloons! He loves balloons so when we were thinking of a theme we knew that this had to be it! Some of the pictures were taken during the day and some at night so the picture quality varies...

Design Inspiration

My inspiration was my toddler's love of balloons and some ideas I had seen on Pinterest!

Decorating Style

Fun, DIY, budget conscience!

Project Details

All signage and decorations were DIY! I bought all of my materials (Streamer, balloons, tablecloths and some of the candy) at the .99cent store! Treat Bags: Target It's so simple to make your own decorations! Don't be afraid to try different ideas and see what happens! Pinterest is a great resource for finding ideas as well. We had the "Up" music soundtrack playing in the background!

Favorite Items

My favorite item was definitely the DIY Balloon Bunch on the wall. I prayed that God would  give me ideas and He totally gave me that one and the one for the 2 made of balloons! We wanted to have a "Jesus Loves Me" sign on the wall as well; to remind everyone of how much Jesus really does love them. Jesus Loves Me is my sons favorite song! John 3:16 :)


You don't have to spend a ton of money to have a super cute birthday party or shower! Get creative and set some time aside to make your own decorations. Most of my materials were bought online or at the .99cent store for a fraction of the price you would expect to pay! Shop around and have fun!


  1. 1

    Such a colorful party! And with the theme being balloons, I’m sure the birthday boy loved it. I have yet to meet a kid who doesn’t love balloons!

  2. 2

    Are these all the balloons you had? It would have been fun if there were more scattered about.

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