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Gerri Panebianco

Gerri PanbiancoWhether I’m with a new acquaintance, dear friend or family member, designing the perfect nursery always starts with a heartfelt chat. It’s that moment when a shared cup of tea turns into a sincere and often emotional conversation, that the design truly begins to form. Over the years, and hundreds of new parents later, I’ve learned that finding gorgeous nursery pieces is like the icing on the designer cake. Learning about a family’s history, hearing their hopes for this new life and actually becoming a part of their story are ingredients that make this cake so sweet!

By nature, I’m a “heart-on-my-sleeve” type of girl. I live to hear my children laugh, and I see no problem with bragging about having the world’s best husband. As a partner at Little Crown Interiors, I feel the most fantastic sense of accomplishment when I see one of my expecting clients make the transition from looking at their nursery as a space of great beauty and design, to seeing a space that nurtures a great future and hope.

As for me, I love “Sparkly,” “Fabulous” and “Over-the-Top!” But for my clients, I care about one thing and one thing only: When the 200th sleepless night in a row has caused my client to find themselves in their nursery glider, what thought is going through their exhausted mind? I’ll forever hope that I’ve helped them choose the right chair and select the right amenities, so that they’re thinking of new and creative ways to help their child through a tough time.

- Gerri Panebianco, Little Crown Interiors

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