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Eli Gurock

Eli Gurock and Family

I’ll admit it. I’m a baby gear geek. I can tell you the overall quality of a stroller just by looking at its wheels. I’m a certified child passenger safety technician, and I have timed myself assembling a Stokke Tripp Trapp Chair…more than once. My idea of fun when I travel? Visiting baby stores, of course.

Design is definitely something that is important to me when it comes to gear. I focus on textiles, materials and hardware to help me evaluate the overall quality of a product. My taste is very simple and definitely skews modern. I love grey, black, off-white and silver.

Fortunately, I’m in the right line of work. As co-owner of Magic Beans, I’ve worked with thousands of parents trying to find the right products for their baby, and I’ve helped some of my favorite brands to conceptualize and refine some pretty great products. I’ve even had the privilege of judging the JPMA Innovation Awards a few times. Not every product works for every family, but with so many options out there, it’s good to know how to spot the winners.

As for me, I have known my wife since I was four years old, and we have been best friends since high school. I have three amazing kids. My older two daughters are home schooled, and they learn some incredible things, like Japanese, Aerial Silks, Math, and even Judaic Studies via Skype from Israel. I am a lifelong artist (I was a painting major at Brandeis University), and my five-year-old son is basically mini-me (he’s a creative type, too). I love smoking meat on my Big Green Egg, drinking Peet’s coffee and reading every entrepreneur article that I can get my hands on. (Oh, and I may have a small dark chocolate addiction.)

- Eli Gurock, Magic Beans

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