Children’s Design Experts

We’ve set out to provide an all-encompassing design resource for new and expecting parents. Who better to get advice from than the very people we admire most? We proudly present an incredible team of talented experts offering inspiration and insight into children’s interiors, products and party trends. Each of our children’s design experts share a bit of their personal style through our daily blog ranging from the traditional to the contemporary, the glamorous to the bohemian and beyond.

Christy Bergerson

Itsy Belle

“There’s nothing quite like a child’s face lighting up when it’s their own special day and they can share their favorite things with friends and family. You aren’t just planning a party but creating childhood memories.”
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Emily Klaparda

Emily Klaparda

“My motto is ‘design something every day.’ Take something that would otherwise be bland, blah and boring and give it a little design spin.”
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Grey House Harbor

“I pride myself on handling power tools alone, baking a mean batch of peanut butter cookies, knowing a bargain when I see one, wielding a sailboat against a breezy afternoon and being a fiercely loyal friend.”
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Joanna Gick & Jennifer O’Dowd

J & J Design Group

“We love what we do. Interior design isn’t just a job for us, it’s a way of life. With children of our own, we are inspired by the things that bring joy to our little ones.”
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Katy Mimari

Caden Lane

“My love for design always seems to start with a favorite print or fabric—fabric is my world, my muse, my secret obsession. My rules for design are simple: there are no rules.”
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Naomi Alon

Little Crown Interiors

“The moment I placed the very last pillow in my first nursery design was extraordinary—not only had I just designed a room, but I created a space for future memories.”
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Liza Huber

Sage Spoonfuls

“I am an advocate for clean, green, organic living and have a passion for creating homemade baby food and healthy meals for kids. I love speaking to parents about all of the wonderful benefits homemade baby food provides.”
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Michelle Freedberg

Bellini & The Bean’s Closet

“My favorite decorating secret is the art of redecorating—making your most beloved objects fresh and exciting by relocating, refurbishing or reinventing their uses.”
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Morgan Hutchinson


“I find great joy in making mamas feel good about themselves through fashion and finding their personal #momstyle.”
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Rebecca Propes

Petite Party Studio

“I love to create. It’s just part of me. No matter what, my mind is always designing, painting or planning something creative.”
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Sam Simon

Sam Simon Projects

“Everything benefits from good composition and editing. Getting rid of something is just as important as adding something.”
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