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Announcing BabyList: Register from Anywhere

| January 9, 2013

I must admit that there was something thrilling about stepping foot into Babies “R” Us and asking for the scanner to register for my first baby. By days end however, it became equally as miserable. I’ll never forget standing in a gear aisle staring at a row of bouncers and something so foreign to me called the “excersaucer” [...]

Own Your Own Color and Save Lives

| April 11, 2012

As nursery designers, we see a world of application for the use of color. The arrival of spring always reinvigorates us, as it does many others. Take the newest Target ad campaign showing colorful characters adding color to the world or this month’s In Style Magazine dedicated to color. Did you know that the screen […]

Bedroom Makeover with Sleep in Mind: Part 2

| March 28, 2012

Last week, we shared our latest design: A makeover of a little girl’s room for the specific purpose of helping her sleep in her own bed. The makeover, focusing on a few of our favorite sleep tips, was featured on the daytime talk show The Doctors and features items available from Rosenberry Rooms. Today, we’re […]

Show Us Your CMYK Style! Win a $1000 Giggle Gift Card and CMYK Zen Stroller

| March 4, 2012

Surges of neon pinks, bright yellows and high energy blues have taken over the runways in time for Spring. Fashion infused with bright and bold color is also making its way into baby’s world. It is with great excitement that we introduce to you, the most fashionable stroller of 2012 launching exclusively at giggle, the […]

My Top Three Apps for Your Growing Baby and Belly

| February 29, 2012

There seems to be an app for everything these days, including several GREAT ones to keep up with your baby’s development and your growing belly! Two of my favorite books during my pregnancies were Your Pregnancy Week By Week and What to Expect When Your Expecting. I also loved reading all of Jenny McCarthy’s books—Belly […]

Help for the Sleep Deprived Parent!

| July 12, 2011

A hilarious, if not a little naughty, book for grown ups by Adam Mansbach about the perils of sleep in any home with youngsters has been burning up the blogosphere with its very direct message. Please, please, please child go to sleep! Sleep-deprived parents raising young children are willing to try just about anything if it means more rest for parent and child. ZAZOO Kids has created a clock that’s first priority is more sleep for all.

Photographer’s How-To: Capture Your Active Toddler With Ease + Giveaway

| June 16, 2011

Toddlers are really fast movers and have endless amounts of energy which makes snapping that perfectly posed photo near impossible. My toddler son is notorious for giving me either a silly face, tongue out or forced oversized grin. Thank heavens for the digital camera right? I snap away without commitment and I know I’ll get a few shots with a natural smile and adorable face. When it comes to capturing your toddler in action, New York based photographer and mom of three Johanna Lindsay has it down pat.

Photographer’s How To: Capture The Family Photo With Ease + Giveaway

| June 9, 2011

We had a wonderful time getting to know Los Angeles based photographer Tara Rochelle this weekend and I’ve lost count as to how many compliments we received from our PLUSH photos. She is a true artist. Tara has a talent for making the colors dance off each and every photo. So while Tara snapped away at our exhibit and dessert display, we wanted to take a moment to showcase her beautiful family work too. And what better way than to get professional photography advice in the process to help us all take smarter family photos!

Photographer’s How To: Baby Bump Shooting Tips + Giveaway

| May 31, 2011

Even though my pregnancies were anything but easy, bed rest and weekly ultra sounds for starters, when I reminisce about each one I still get a little lump in my throat and my heart soars a bit. The entire birthing process is nothing short of amazing which is why the maternal bond develops long before baby arrives. Photographing your baby bump is a special way to capture that pregnancy glow so that you can not only remember how you looked and felt pregnant

Pottery Barn Kids Halloween Costume Finder

| October 3, 2010

It’s that time of year! At every play date, gym or music class I’ve attended this week, the question was asked: “What are your kids going to be for Halloween?” With the costume catalogs rolling in pottery barn kids tops our list. I’ve had both a puppy dog and a hamburger in previous years. Not only did my son (well, me really) receive great compliments, but the “In and Out” hamburger year had us chuckling all night long. Even my vegan neighbors appreciated the 34 inch tall hamburger waddling down the sidewalk.


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