I Can’t Stand the Cuteness

Oeuf Eggplant Outfit

When the image of a toddler clad in an eggplant hoodie appeared in my inbox, I laughed out loud. I mean, come on, who can stand this cuteness? […]



Hold On to Your Floppy Straw Hat—The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is Here!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale for Baby

There are few things that make me pull out my credit card faster than adorable baby clothes, and this is one of them. Hold onto your floppy straw hats, mamas, because the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is here […]


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Safe Sleep Tips Every Caregiver Must Know

Baby in Love to Dream Sleep Sack - Project Nursery

It’s insanely hot outside as I blog literally from under the Tuscan sun on holiday. Thick Italian accents repeatedly remind us that “it’s the hottest summer in 135 years!” and sleeping through its warm summer nights has been challenging for all except our little bambino […]


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Steal Ashlee Simpson’s Maternity Style!

Ashlee Simpson's Maternity Style

Ashlee Simpson’s edgy look has always been her signature, and her maternity style definitely stays true to that look. Now that she’s pregnant for the second time, she’s showing us just how cool a baby bump can be! […]


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These Boys’ Clothes are Totally Instagram-Worthy

Baby Boy Clothes from Littlest Prince Couture

One of my favorite things about having a baby girl was to choose her outfits. Girlfriend had (and still has!) a more stylish wardrobe than I’ve ever dreamed of for myself, so when I found out that my second baby was a boy, I have to admit that my heart sunk just a little. […]


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Summer Maternity Tops

Summer Maternity Tops - Project Nursery

It’s always a little disheartening to walk into stores post-Fourth of July and find the sundresses on clearance and the racks filled with all things fall. It’s still summer for another two months, after all! […]