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Win a Set of Matching Swim Shorts for Dad and His Mini Me

Swim Shorts from Tom & Teddy

Fun fact—Father’s Day and the summer solstice fall on the same day this year. As if each one wasn’t reason enough to celebrate on its own, I think this calls for the ultimate gathering of family and friends for some fun in the sun! […]


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Win All the Essentials for a Nursing Mom!

It's Working Project Giveaway

We just celebrated the launch of It’s Working with a Twitter Party, and now we’re keeping the party going! Help us spread the word about It’s Working, and enter to win an amazing prize! […]


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We’re Giving Away Imagination with a Side of Wonder

Naturi Nursery Collection from Lolli Living

My daughter recently turned three, and just like that, she has officially entered the world of imagination. She’s an incredible storyteller—my all-time favorites are the tales that she tells about a frog named Froggy Nanni that lives in the grate at the end of our street. […]


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Wash with Water + Win!

Baby Blanket from Wash with Water

Wash with Water was founded by a mama who was inspired to create products with the best organic and natural ingredients in order to protect what was most precious to her—her babies. The company offers a line of skin and haircare products specially formulated for little ones’ delicate skin […]


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Love to DIY? This Giveaway is for You.

Owls and Arrows Nursery Stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils

DIY is all the rage these days, and I’ve definitely joined the tribe of enthusiastic crafters. I’ve amassed quite the collection of supplies lately (sorry hubby, #cantstopwontstop), but one thing I haven’t yet added to my DIY arsenal is a stencil. […]



Can You Believe We’re Giving All of this Away?


Is your social calendar starting to fill up with baby showers? Did you know September tends to have the largest number of births? August and the other summer months follow close behind. In other words, baby shower season is officially kicking off! […]