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Annette Tatum

Whenever I am designing a room, either for nursery or the whole family, I look to create interesting living spaces rather than the perfect room. In my life, perfect does not exist—especially with four children and two dogs! My life’s imperfections are apparent in my lifestyle and my design choices. I create rooms for a living, and with that sensibility comes the layered room concept I embrace.

I often am asked the question, “What is your own personal style?”. The answer is just that, my style is my own personal style. It’s made of bits and treasures of what I like, combined with colors and textures that appeal to me mixed in with the language of the people who I live with. The result is a basic traditional framework from which I build upon all the things I love a romantic sofa paired with mod lamps or a colorful bohemian tapestry rug under a classic four-poster bed. Somehow it all works because it is all a little bit of me. I also have to leave room in my home for other ideas, likes and dislikes. Learning to layer your own styles with those around you creates your personal style. Adding this layer of other personalities is what makes the rooms of my home ours.

- Annette Tatum, Annette Tatum Collections

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