Andrika King

Andrika King

I’m the kind of person who teaches my child to stop and smell the roses, literally. My son loves smelling flowers and blowing dandelions while we walk through our neighborhood.

As a designer, you need to be very aware of your surroundings and see how elements in nature naturally complement one another. When looking for color combinations in rooms, for example, why not start with your favorite flowers and bugs, such as butterflies and beetles. Do what you are naturally drawn to.

The best design advice that I can give someone is to paint your room last. There are thousands of paint colors available, and you can always mix your own if need be. Also, find a piece that inspires you first and start from there. This could be a rug, artwork, a piece of fabric or even a picture of a room that you admire. Lastly, make your home as inviting as possible. Don’t over clutter, but instead create small vignettes to make your space more interesting and personal.

As for my own personal style, I’m drawn to a casual, sophisticated look using a soothing palette with a punch of color and pattern in accessories. I love all things blue, especially turquoise, perhaps because I’m happiest when I’m close to water. The color is so calm and peaceful, yet it can also be vibrant and full of energy when used as an accent color.

– Andrika King, Andrika King Design

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