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Project Nursery is a first-of-its-kind, online community-driven gallery and expert resource for baby’s first room and beyond. Our advertising partners make it possible to host a website brimming with thousands of inspiring images and to create rich content dedicated to kid-friendly design. We welcome the opportunity to work with brands both big and small that embrace our style and sensibility. Here is a bit of what we can offer in terms of reach for your consideration:

ProjectNursery.com currently attracts over 600,000 unique visitors and 5.5 million pageviews monthly. The Project Nursery reader is female, ages 24-35, is expecting and/or has young children and is passionate about her home, decor and parenting. Our active social media efforts engage 172,000 Google + fans, 145,000 Facebook fans, 125,000 Pinterest followers,105,000 Instagram followers, 26,000 Twitter followers, and 11,000 YouTube subscribers.

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