About Project Nursery

Welcome to the ultimate children’s design resource for baby nursery ideas and inspiration! Project Nursery is the definitive authority and inspirational resource for baby’s first room and beyond, offering an engaging and informative platform to solve the universal challenges of nursery design. Launched in 2008 by Melisa Fluhr and Pam Ginocchio—post-college roommates and interior design enthusiasts who founded the company while tackling their own nurseries—Project Nursery has been heralded as “a virtual jackpot of kid-friendly design ideas” by AOL’s Stylist Home and resonates with parents, interior designers and children’s brands alike for its blog, photo gallery, video tutorials, room tours, expert resource center, insider celebrity and designer access, DIY projects, and other original and member-generated content.

In 2013, the company expanded with Project Junior, which turns its focus towards the next design phase once baby has outgrown the nursery. Striving to support a community that is not only growing in numbers but also aging up in both style and function, Project Junior is channeling the success of its “older sibling” into a dynamic new vehicle for children’s room style and substance.

Currently, Project Nursery is updated three times daily to deliver up-to-the-minute nursery design trends, inspirations and news for a global audience. With exponential growth year after year, it has amassed an impressive following totaling in the millions for its online destination and Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube social media channels.

As permanent fixtures in the interior design industry, children’s market and DIY culture, Melisa and Pam are regularly sourced for their exceptional approach to all things nursery. Among the many editorial credits they have acquired in a variety of parenting, home décor, lifestyle and business publications and blogs, they have been tapped as contributors for the likes of People.com, HGTV.com, StrollerTraffic, and BabyCenter, and have earned the coveted title of “Style Gurus” for home décor giant, Serena & Lily.

In addition, the two have also appeared in broadcasts on CBS, BetterTV and HerSay, and host a weekly room tours and giveaway videos on their branded YouTube channel. They have also lent their savvy mom style to campaigns for a cross-section many of today’s most valued brands.

Melisa and Pam have been widely recognized for their accomplishments with Project Nursery, including consistent honors in Babble.com’s “Top 50’s” (2010-2012), TheBump.com’s “Best Design Blog” (2009) and a finalist in the Cribsie Awards (2011).

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