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Katy’s Picks: Car Seat Accessories

I just returned from the Atlanta Gift Market, and I’m so excited about a few new car seat accessories that we found—I’m talking, “Why didn’t I think of that?” new products! Whenever I’m putting together a baby shower gift for a friend, I always like to coordinate the gift, whether it’s color-themed, bath or bedtime-themed or—my new favorite—travel-themed. It’s always important to me to give a gift that is as cute as it is functional, so here it is mommies: my must-have list for your car seat and travel gear. Pick any or all, and I promise you won’t be disappointed!

You know when you are carrying the car seat on your arm—with a twenty pound baby in it—and the blood stops flowing to your hand? Meet the Padalily. This brilliant foam wrap cushions mom’s arm, comes in a variety of fun prints and you can hang toys from it too. Your arm will thank me!

Padalily Car Seat Accessory

image from Padalily

The Carseat Sidekick is one of the newest products on the market. It holds the car seat straps out of the way while you put the infant in the carseat—no more digging out straps or waking a sleeping baby! Plus, the magnetic straps are cute, colorful and perfect for any new mom.

Carseat Sidekick

I live in Texas where it’s hot eleven months out of the year, so those full-body car seat positioners can result in one sweaty baby! But, as any new mom will tell you, the head positioners that come with car seats never really hold a newborn’s head as securely as you’d like. Baby Elephant Ears (I can guess how they named this product!) is the perfect size for newborn through toddler. It has a thin strap that goes behind the baby’s head, and the pillows are fluffy enough to keep the head from falling to the sides.

Baby Elephant Ears Car Seat Accessory

Another fun new car seat accessory is Pully Palz. It holds almost all brands of pacifiers (including soothies), and it can be attached to the car seat, play mats or activity chairs at home! Babies can find and play with their pacifiers on their own, a secret weapon for any mom that has ever tried to find the missing paci while driving with a screaming baby.

Pully Palz Car Seat Accessory

image from Pully Palz

Whenever considering adding on accessories to your car seat, always be sure to check your individual car seat’s manual.

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  1. 1

    I like the idea of the Carseat Sidekick. We use Lulaclips – same concept, but all you have to attach to the carseat are the little magnets. Might be an option for those seats that don’t recommend aftermarket accessories.

  2. 2

    I love Padalily. It is completely safe, but I do not have it attached in the car. I attach it before getting the car seat out of my vehicle and then carry it as is recommended with the carrying handle covered with a Padalily resting on my forearm near my elbow.

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