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Video: Beco Baby Carrier Review

Today we are reviewing Beco Baby Carriers on Project Nursery’s YouTube Channel. See what Pam and Melisa have to say about two of their carrier models.

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Beth, Project Nursery’s Editor, lives in Upstate New York with her husband and their two boys—an inquisitive four-year-old and a busy two-year-old. Beth is a work-from-home mom who loves writing, crafting and all things kid design.
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  • I’ll pass

    I so prefer content that is written to video. Who wants to listen to a whole thing?

  • Jenn Lott

    I have the beco butterfly 2 and I LOVE it. also had an ergo and I prefer the beco! great being able to switch from front to back without having to take my son out!

  • Tasha Cune

    I think variety is good. You have content that’s text, you have photos, and you have videos. It gives followers a varied experience.

  • Tasha Cune

    By the way, let me share this article to you.. it’s about how to choose baby carriers and how to carry your baby.

  • Rhodie

    For product reviews, I prefer a video. It allows me to see how the product works and how you are supposed to use or assemble it. Pictures can be deceiving or confusing sometimes, so yeah, video works for me.

  • Mindy

    Thanks for sharing this article. Now I know it’s not good to carry your baby facing out!

  • Jillian Scotts

    I checked the link and it’s very informative. It’s something ever baby-carrying parent should read.


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