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Windows, The Star of the Room

Poor Nate (my son), he is window treatment deprived. After three years and one perfectly decorate room, I still haven’t pulled the trigger on window treatments. How does this poor boy even sleep? We may have a case of the shoemaker’s children not getting shoes. So in my research, I decided to inspire myself, and hopefully you, with some of my favorite window treatment looks.

For a little girl, I love drapes—the silkier and more luxurious the better. These make such a dramatic statement especially surrounding a gorgeous window seat. Yum!

Roman shades are probably what Nate will end up with. Using fun fabrics is a great way to bring in another element or pattern in the room. Go cordless.

Roman Shades

Mixing a woven shade with drapes is a fabulous look. The natural feeling of the shades brings in an earthy texture to the room—perfect for a little boy.

Woven Shade with Drapes




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Michelle resides with her family in Upper Saddle River, NJ. Mom to Stella and Nate, Michelle is the owner of Bellini Baby & Teen Furniture in Greenwich CT, and Manhattan, NY, as well as the founder of baby gifting site She is also a licensed clinical social worker.
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  • Jillian Scotts

    Well, yes, the windows can be the star of the room. Depends on the way you “dress” them up.

  • Ross Neytiri

    The perfect window for me is large and one that catches the early morning sunshine, dressed in light-colored and light-textured curtains.

  • Lily

    The way you just said that — I mean wrote that — I’m guessing your perfect window is not what you have in your home?

  • Ross Neytiri

    You’re right. Our windows are not as large as I would have wanted. I’ve been wanting to do some renovations on them, but that’s not really the priority right now.


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