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Giveaway: Little Nest Little Dipper Table and Chair Set

I have to admit, the playroom is one of my favorite rooms in the house. It’s the one room where you can break all the rules and let your design style (and imagination) run wild. Little Nest‘s children’s furniture helps you take your playroom to the next level. Now one lucky Project Nursery reader will win Little Nest’s Little Dipper Table and Chair Set in white.

Little Dipper Table and Chair Set by Little Nest

Little Nest’s little dipper table and chair set‘s stylish looks combined with durability will fit in any child’s space. Whether you have a whole room dedicated to play, an outdoor space or a creative area mixed within the rest of house, this modern table and chair set is the perfect fit.

Little Nest Little Dipper Table and Chair Set

WIN IT! One Project Nursery reader will win the Little Dipper Table and Chair Set from Little Nest in white ($549 value).

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About the author
Kristin, Project Nursery’s Director of Sales, lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, four-year-old daughter Addison, 6-month-old son Blake and Chihuahua Harrison. Kristin is a born and raised California girl with a love for design, social networking and party planning.
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  • Nichole

    What a cute table, it would look great in our kitchen as well!

  • Emilie Denmark

    What a cute set. Perfect for my little ones to play.

  • Suzanne

    I love the style

  • Jenni

    This table would look so adorable in my daughter’s room!

  • Katie

    I love the simplicity of the style!

  • fukumuro

    cute table

  • lisa

    what a great giveaway!

  • Jen

    very cute! We are looking for something just like this!

  • Ashley

    Adorable table! Perfect for the nursery or adding to living room or kitchen! :D

  • Claire

    Adorable. The dipped legs really make the set.

  • Kris Kipp

    I love the way it looks.

  • Christa

    I love the wood and white combo.

  • SWilson

    I like the size and the simplicity that will enable the table to go with any decor.

  • Sweet Panda

    I love that it is sturdy and made from American Oak then dipped in high
    quality non-toxic paint

  • Laura Miller

    I love that its made with American Oak and NON toxic paint!!!

  • Nicki B

    I love the kid friendly size and the color/style would work with any color room.


    what a lovely little table! so stylish and appropriate for kids!

  • angelgenius27

    That its non-toxic paint and the stools are solid oak! (rafflecopter name Betty Baez)

  • Stephanie F.

    Love the clean and modern lines!

  • Alia

    I’d love to win!!

  • delightfully noted

    Love that its dipped in non-toxic paint

  • Katja

    I love the simple style and that non-toxic paint is used!

  • Cat

    Love the set and it would go perfect in my son’s room. The other items on the site are awesome. I love all the modern furniture.

  • Evelyn Maldonado

    its modern!

  • Mary

    I love the beautiful, sleek design and colors and that it is made with non-toxic paint!

  • Jenni L.

    I love that it’s a gender neutral design!

  • Kim

    I love how clean and modern it looks!

  • Lisa

    Love this – so reto and cute!

  • sheenalee63

    Love this neutral yet trendy table set!

  • Diana Cote

    I love that it is sturdy and dipped in high quality non toxic paint. My daughter would love this for eating dinner on, crafting, tea parties, play dates with her bffs and best of all her b-day is coming up on the 11th Aug. :)

  • Meredith

    Very high design. Good funriture is a legacy that is passed down for generations

  • leann

    such a superrr cute table!

  • Shannon Gould

    I love how modern yet classic the set is!

  • Natalie S

    Love that is looks so sleek and stylish and is made from American Oak!

  • Janelle

    I love the modern style!

  • jennifercrewell

    American Oak dipped in non toxic paint… super cute! I would LOVE this!

  • Jamie

    I love how clean and modern it is.

  • mmzzll

    I love how clean and modern the table & chairs are. Would look great in our space!

  • Jena

    Love the style!

  • Julita K R

    Sturdy! stylish! American oak! No tools necessary for assembly! What’s not to Love!

  • stephyp

    Wow, love the design and color!
    Perfect size for my 18 months old!! We are on the market for kids table/chairs.

  • lace1

    I like that it comes with stools that way they can be put under the table when not in use and takes up less space.

  • Heather

    Love that the simplicity of the set

  • Ashley

    Love it! so cute and clean

  • Rachel Kate

    Love how this set manages to look classic and modern at the same time!

  • redupthehouse

    so cute! i can see my little girl sitting working on crafts at the table for hours!

  • Lauren

    Cute table-would be great in a playroom

  • Anne Anglin

    Love that its non-toxic and very stylish!

  • Jenae

    Super cute! I have been looking for a craft table for my girl!

  • Ann

    Love the size and the mix of “color”.

  • Meredith

    I love the classic shapes and colors!

  • Stephanie Gossett

    I love that it is wood and non-toxic paint. Very cute! My daughters would LOVE these!

  • Arlene S.

    Its so adorable! Perfect for Tea Time with my daughter and son! Love that its non toxic paint and oak! Love it!

  • Mindy

    I love how modern it looks!

  • Ashley O.

    I like the dipped white, I love the white. – Ashley O.

  • jennyguns

    Love the colors. So fresh. Would look great in our house.

  • JLin


  • Wei

    non-toxic paint.

  • Ren

    It is stylish, sturdy and made from American Oak then dipped in high
    quality non-toxic paint.

  • Holly

    I love the simplistic style!

  • Christy Isttc

    I love that no tools are necessary to put it together :)

  • Heather Hicks

    I love the sleek look!

  • NicoleSki

    Simply adorableand something that can be treasured for many years as the furniture is so classic!

  • Aura

    I like that it shows the natural wood in between the white, perfect for bringing my kids furniture colors together

  • Abby B

    I love that it is made of wood and that the paint on it is quality! Makes me feel better having it in their room.

  • Maude

    The table is really cute and modern. It would be perfect in the playroom that we are planning to do.

  • Rachel

    So adorable!!

  • Erin T

    Love the size and that non toxic paint was used!

  • nicole betts

    My daughter would live thus for play tea party and art time

  • Isa

    I love this table!!!!

  • ioana c.

    such a cute design!!!

  • EHayes

    I love the simple yet modern design, would be great for our playroom!

  • Tiffany A.

    I love the simple design and pop of white color!

  • arely colin

    love the design

  • Alx87

    I love that it is made of American Oak; thanks for the chance Project Nursery!!

  • Katie Adler Parajon

    I love the aesthetics of this table, as my baby gets older it would be a great addition to her room.

  • BarracudaRon

    Solid American Oak

  • katygmorris

    I love that it is so whimsical and kid friendly, but has that modern twist that makes it blend perfectly in our home!

  • Amy Lauderdale

    I love this set! Modern and cute!

  • Emily

    So adorable! Kids would love this!!

  • Suz McA

    i love the two-tone look!

  • ampaetka

    I love that it’s a sturdy oak and uses quality non-toxic paint! It’s sure to last all of our kids!

  • Jennifer

    i love how versatile it is with different decor. it would look and function so well in every room!

  • Stacey

    This table is absolutely adorable!

  • mecarolks

    I like the size and the simplicity that will enable the table to go with any decor.

  • brooke

    I like that they use quality non-toxic paint!

  • Kristin Crysler

    How cute is this? Perfect for my playroom!

  • Jodi

    This would be perfect for my grandson!

  • Janice Cooper

    I love that its sturdy with wooden legs and the perfect height!

  • sdavis

    This would be really cute for my niece

  • Susie King

    I love them because they are inspired by mid-century designs.

  • Michelle Bartley

    My little Granddaughter would love this!!

  • Delano Jennings

    I love how cute it is and how much my niece Emilee would love it!

  • Carli Eklund

    I am redoing our playroom, this would be perfect!

  • Meg

    I love the modern design of the table sets!

  • Heather Paulding

    Love the dipped legs! The non-toxic paint is a plus:)

  • dmwsmiley

    great for the little ones

  • Lindsay

    Cute table, perfect for a playroom.

  • Whitney Lindeman

    Love how simple it is, but so cute!

  • kalsey

    I tried viewing the website for this and the page for the table was no longer available and you could not find it in just the table section. However i find this very cute and would love it for my daughter!

  • DoloresAdair

    We are helping my son and daughter in law do their nursery and this is a perfect fit! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  • Candice Dyer

    I love that it isn’t gender specific!

  • Kellie

    Love the look and style!

  • Julie Bell

    How perfect for a little tea party! I love the white dipped legs.

  • Colleen

    So beautiful, I also noticed that many museums carry this,thanks for the chance to win it

  • Stephanie

    This set is absolutely adorable! I also love how you could make it your own to fit your little one’s themed room.

  • Eliza

    That’s just what I’m looking for for my sons playroom! Lovely!

  • cole mckinnon

    Love the simplicity of the style

  • Thea

    I love that it’s painted with non-toxic paint.

  • beattyjg

    Very modern.

  • Lisa Alcantar

    I love the style! It is so modern.

  • Wesley

    I love this set, being an art teacher I loved the dip paint aesthetic!

  • Jenn S

    stools are solid oak!

  • Samantha Ngy

    I love the modern paint job! Such an elegant touch to a nursery or play room!

  • Kelly

    i love the simple design!

  • MTS

    Love the simplicity!

  • A

    I love this table! Very modern style!

  • adina

    great style!

  • Andrea Ballor

    so simple!

  • Linda Greene

    I would love this super cute table

  • Christina

    Super cute, it would look great in our play room!

  • sandra davis

    i love the way it looks……its adorable

  • little0ne

    I love the dipped legs!

  • Tessa

    I love this table and chair set. It’s totally chic and modern.

  • Laura Mohan

    I love the simple, clean look and the dipped legs!

  • Cristina Camacho-Yacobucci

    Simple and adorable!!!

  • BuffaloProud

    I love that it can go anywhere!

  • Danielle

    I love the modern yet classic design of the set!

  • Bernadette N

    I like that you don’t need tools to put it together!

  • ashley

    This would be perfect in my son’s new toddler room!

  • Jen B

    I’m a first time mom living far away from family and I would simply LOVE to win this cute set! I am attempting to be a stay at home mom, so every little bit helps. :)

  • Jess Kunkel

    cute cute cute!

  • Jennifer

    This would be great for my two daughters! They would love it! It’s so cute!

  • natalie v

    adorable. vintage/modern mix. non-toxic paint.

  • Patty

    This set is stylish but functional for kids!

  • Bethany Saldana

    I love it! We’re moving soon and my son will have his own room! Love that non-toxic paints are used. :)

  • Rochel S

    Love its simplicity but its still so cute!

  • Kelly Miller

    Such a cute table!

  • Abigail

    I love the clean modern look!

  • katheirne d

    I love that it is made from Solid American Oak

  • Carlee

    Our little guy would love this!

  • Mariah Arnett

    Love that it is clean and simple.

  • Dawn

    Love this adorable table and chairs! Clean, playful and perfectly sized!

  • katieckam

    Modern and stylish, my son would love a place for him to be an “arteest” and I’d love how the set would fit my home decor!

  • nici r

    I love the look of it

  • amorette

    love the color, and the fact that you don’t need tools to assemble it!

  • Britt Jones

    I would love this for my boys!!

  • Michele Rodocker

    I love the size and the style. It looks nice and modern and could go in any room. We don’t have a dedicated play room, but this would look fine in our family room for the kids – or even in our dining room!

  • Terra Heck

    I like that it’s made from American Oak then dipped in highquality non-toxic paint. Thanks.

  • Sanriobaby =^.^=

    This is an adorable table set for the little ones, I’d love to win this for my daughter!

  • Rachel Freeze

    I love the look. Would look great in a family room without looking overly child-looking.

  • Rebecca Peters

    I love that it is solid oak and super stylish, wouldn’t be too kiddy to put in any area of the house. :)

  • nikki k

    i have been STALKING this set now for months!!!! i would just die! I love how clean and modern it is…would be perfect for my playroom!

  • Jennifer A.

    I love the modern design.

  • Mary Ann W.

    Awesome set!

  • Lyn H

    Absolutely adorable table! Perfect for a Alice in Wonderland tea party

  • samantha s

    I really love how modern it looks. Too bad it’s sold out online so I can’t get more info on it. ;)

  • Pam

    Cute–I’d love to get this for my grandbabe

  • chely

    I love the style!

  • Edie S

    I love that it’s made out of oak!

  • Jennifer Johnson

    Cute set, perfect for the play room!

  • andrea

    Oh gosh, this is so cute!

  • Debra S.

    It is just the right size for the wee ones! The color- perfect to fit in ANYwhere. Not girly not boyish, just right to fit in anywhere!

  • GraysonMae

    I love the look of the “dipped” legs. Such a cute, modern play table.

  • val

    I love the simple style and that non-toxic paint is used!

  • kathy

    I would love to have this for my little one beyond adorable and since she doesn’t have much or her own room I know she will absolutely love this!!!! Looks so sleek and clean cut!

  • Christina_RoJo

    So cute. Would love to win this for my son’s birthday!

  • tanya ci

    I really like that the table is round

  • Kim2182

    I love the modern and simplistic design of the set.

  • Lauren D.

    Love the sleek design and how it will match any room!

  • Jenn Lott

    I would love this as a space for activity in our downstairs!

  • Tina

    I love that they use non-toxic paint!

  • Kos_and_co

    modern table that would look so cute in my brownstone!

  • dor

    I love how stylish they are and the size is perfect for having pretend tea or doing crafts.

  • Ashley N. Cline

    This is so much cuter that the typical plastic little tikes table options.

  • Brooke malko

    I adore this set!! My kiddos would love to play at this table!!!
    ~Brooke M

  • Monica

    I love the clean lines and the fact that it would work well for both my toddlers and my preschooler.

  • Sarah

    I love the two-tone.

  • steph

    adorable minimalistic furniture that won’t be an eyesore in our living room. LOVE it!

  • Jaimie Fletchall

    Love the mid century modern look. It would look amazing in my simple, scandinavian style home.

  • Eg Kaufman

    I like that it is not too childish, it can go in any room.

  • Kimberly Hunter

    My daughter would love this. So cute and still would fit in to my home’s decor

  • Kimberly Hunter

    My daughter would love this. So cute and still would fit in to my home’s decor

  • malki b

    i love the modern style

  • Toyatowns

    This is one of the cutest things I have ever seen!

  • Leslie

    I love the modern design and it would fit perfectly in any kids room or playroom! Too cute!

  • Lien

    Love the simple design that does not scream kids.

  • Heather P.

    I am searching for my daughters’ table set for baby sister’s gift to her big sister upon her arrival and I am trying to find one that will fit the rest of the house’s decor…nothing too “babyish” This is perfect!

  • Cassandra Watson

    I love that it is made from solid oak…very sturdy I would think!

  • Kimberly B.

    I love how sleek it looks and that it is durable and non toxic.

  • Nicole Johnson Biddle

    Love the style!

  • Venina Tandela

    perfect table for my kids to learn and play.

  • Katie

    It is so cute and simple!

  • kortney

    I love that they classify it as sturdy.

  • Monica Sepulveda

    Love the color, plus the sturdiness of solid wood and non toxicity of the paint.

  • Amanda

    What a great table!! love it!

  • Jessica Ligator


  • Dana

    Beautiful little table for the playroom

  • marlenalittle

    I love the white and wood combo. My little girl will love this for her room

  • aishawed

    It has a unique design and it will for sure make my friends envious. lol

  • Kathy

    Love it! My little lady would love this table for her afternoon tea parties with her friends!

  • tweetyscute

    I love the dual tone

  • sc2466

    stylish.. some children’s table and chair sets are not at all attractive. These are beautiful

  • Lesley F

    I love the modern design!

  • Ali

    I love the simplicity and sophistication of this lovely little table/chair set!

  • Andrea W

    I love that it is non toxic paint.

  • KT

    I love the modern design!

  • JennyRed

    Love the simple but stylish shape for kiddie furniture, gotta have it!

  • Kari Flores

    I love that it looks beautifully made and not like a cheap hunk of plastic which is typical of kid’s furniture.

  • lailey

    I love the style of it. And that my daughter would love something like this.

  • Alex

    Very cute set!

  • Katelyn A

    I love how versatile it is! It would go great with any room design!

  • debbie l

    love that its neutral and nontoxic

  • Andrea

    Adorable set! I love that’s it’s the perfect size for the little ones!

  • Sarah S.

    Love the timeless deisgn, yet it looks modern with the white and wood combination.

  • liz l

    its super cute, niece would love

  • Jillian Warner

    the style!

  • Rose

    Simply adorable!

  • Amanda

    It is so pretty and simple.

  • patriciacrowley

    I love that it’s made of American Oak!

  • minibea12

    I like the clean, modern style of the table and chairs. Sleek and simple. Perfect for a child’s room.

  • Karri Steed

    I love the clean modern lines

  • Misha Estrada

    I like that there are no tools necessary for assembly. It also looks like it would go well with any decor.

  • Heather Manu

    I love that it is simple and round and cute

  • Joy Person

    Love the style and simplicity of the set! This would be perfect for my daughter!

  • Nathan Todd

    Love the that it’s nothing fancy…very simple yet beautiful

  • Joseph Person

    Love the the simplicity and that it’s something that my daughter can really get good use out of.

  • weeziestoy

    I love the fact that it is made from American Oak and dipped in non toxic paint….

  • Laken Eastridge

    I love the design :)

  • Addison K.A.T.

    I like that they use non-toxic paint. And my kids love anything their size

  • Tessa

    I love this crisp clean look. It soo modern. My little mod boys would love it #modern #cutesttable

  • Christine

    I love the simplicity! But still so kid friendly :)

  • Aubree Faunce

    It is perfect for my twins and they would love the stools!!!

  • Valérie Tremblay Blouin

    I love the style and the quality of the material.

  • Elizabeth P.

    Love the contrast of the fresh white and wood.

  • Wen Budro

    I love the color combo and that it looks sturdy.

  • Amy Lee

    I love how simple it looks! It would fit in with any decor.

  • Deborah Mireles

    I love that its simple and looks easy for my grandaughter to get in and out of to do her coloring and artwork

  • jaccwc

    It’s adorable!!!

  • projecthope7

    I love that this little set is so gorgeous and adaptable to any room in the house for the children… whether for play or eating or art work… it would be perfect!

  • Mary Chaisson

    Congrats Monica!


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