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Best Playdate Ever: Win The Essential Embrace Makeover!

We’re all off to enjoy the weekend and we hope you are too. However, we want to make sure you stay tuned to a really special contest that launches next week with our friends at Bravado Designs. Let’s just say, Pam and I really, really want to come into your home to help you and that we’ll be hanging with one lucky winner this fall! In the meantime, check out all the amazing entries and inspiration to our #EssentialEmbrace contest over the last few weeks. And now we promise, more nursery design goodness is coming your way so check back here first thing Monday!

Melisa & Pam

#EssentialEmbrace via Pinterest

  • Jillian Scotts

    Oh wow! I’m sure a lot of moms are excited!!!

  • Ross Neytiri

    Do share the entries here in your blog! This is going to be fun!

  • Lily

    Very wonderful idea!

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