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An Apple a Day…

We all know we are supposed to feed our children colorful fruits as a part of a healthy diet, but what about making sure we have a healthy portion in their room decor as well? There are plenty of fun, bright and playful fruity choices that will fit right into a playroom or bedroom without reminding you of the kitchen. Ready for more vitamins?

We love these big apple storage units. They are big enough to contain toys or little shoes without being too intrusive.

This WallCandy Arts wallpaper is not only fun, whimsical and stylish, it’s also easy to apply—just stick it on, and when you get tired of it, peel it off.

Jonathan Adler is famous for his fruity gadgets, but we still fall for his original pillows.

We all know Avalisa’s famous pear, yet we are also drawn to these very cheery cherries.

What can we say about this apple chair…if only we could have one in our office!



  • Andrea Lowe

    The apple chair is cute. And I love the very refreshing color, too.

  • Stella

    Those apple canisters are adorable! I don’t mind having a few of them, all in green.

  • Alison Mar

    Who is the manufacturer for this chair? Where can we get one like this?

  • Jesycka Fulton

    I’m guessing that apple pod chair is too expensive. I’d gladly settle for those apple storage units.

  • heather

    If you click on the link, you’ll see a furniture blog. There are links there that lead to places where you can get it.

  • heather

    Whoa, the apple chair sells for $1,717! in the other site, it sells for $3,357 but is on sale at $2,350. You must be kidding me!


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