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Taking Inspiration from Our Heroes

It’s only natural to surround ourselves with images of people we admire—having someone to look to every now and then and think, “I want to do great things.” Why wouldn’t we want to bring these people into the nursery too?

I’ve always loved Gene Kelly. Whenever I see a picture of him, I want to sing and dance and maybe swoon a little. For a nursery though, I would choose a photo like the one below—with whimsy, color and imagination.

Ballet is a common theme for a girl’s nursery, but by including a photo of a ballerina you personally admire, the space will become more intimate and special. Ulyana Lopatkina is my personal favorite, and the soft pastels and glittery costume in this photo are oh-so-girly.

If having a photograph of someone in your nursery isn’t your style, you could always go for something that person created. Leonardo Da Vinci’s Flying Machine sketch is a historical and scientific wonder, but the drawing itself is sweet, simple and would work great in a boy’s nursery.

Another of my personal inspirations, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, was a famous architect. He also painted on the side. While I might not want to use a photo of a building in the nursery, a pretty floral painting would look fantastic.

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  • Jesycka Fulton

    I have a couple of Norman Rockwell prints in my kids’ room! I am a big NR fan!

  • Nella Atkinson

    Norman Rockwell’s works are oozing with reality and humor. Not to mention artistry. Which of his works do you have?

  • Nella Atkinson

    Norman Rockwell’s works are oozing with reality and humor. Not to mention artistry. Which of his works do you have?

  • Nella Atkinson

    I have a big Audrey Hepburn photo print in my daughter’s room. But that’s just on loan because it belongs inside my home office.

  • Jesycka Fulton
  • Jesycka Fulton
  • Frauline Kelly

    Oh yes, Audrey Hepburn! Thanks to you I think I have an idea: framed photos of Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Princess Diana, and Jacky O. They’re my fave icons of beauty, grace and elegance.

  • Karen

    That’s such a wonderful idea, Frauline! I love Audrey Hepburn, GraceKelly and Princess Diana, too. They’re true icons of beauty, style and elegance. Not really much of a Jackie kennedy fan though because I have read a lot of awful things about how she is as a person.


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