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DIY: Make Your Own Burp Cloths

Burp cloths are a staple for new moms. They usually have dozens on hand. Since most burp cloths are pretty simple—white and plain—I got to thinking how much fun it would be to create some that have a bit of “style.”

Here is a quick and easy DIY that shows you how you can make your own “stylish” burp cloths in just three steps.

White cloth diapers (we used Gerber’s Premium 6-ply) or burp cloths
Assorted fabric scraps at least 15″x20″ (sized to match your cloth diapers/burp cloths)
Matching thread
Sewing machine or hand sewing needle

I chose a mix of playful fabrics we have at my shop—perfect for baby girls and boys.

Step 1: Cut your fabric to match the size of your cloth diapers/burp cloths. In our case, we cut our fabric into 13.5”x19.5” rectangles.

Step 2: Pin the right side of the fabric to the back side of the cloth diaper/burp cloth, and sew together using a 1/4” seam allowance (distance between your seam and the edge of the fabric/burp cloth).

Make sure to leave a 2” – 3” hole along one side (I suggest doing it in the center of one of the sides) so you can turn everything right side out. Clip your corners to keep the points of your rectangle polished.

Step 3: Using the opening you left, turn the burp cloth right side out and stitch around all four sides making sure to sew the hole closed. You’re all done!

You can even add a pop of color by using a complementary thread when you top-stitch around the perimeter of the cloth.

About the author
Rachel Low, also known as the Craft Stylist of Manhattan, is the founder of Pins & Needles: New York City’s coveted studio for chic and modern sewing, crafts, special events and retail products. Her talents and passion translate into stylish and useful projects that inspire makers of all ages.
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  • Eastwitching Art

    Wow – so lovely and I bet very satisfying to make:)

  • Andie

    Nice fabrics. I used only the plain white ones. Must speak of how boring I am! LOL.

  • Ross Neytiri

    I used the plain white ones, too. So I don’t think you’re boring. I like them plain white because it makes me easily spot the stains.

  • Linda

    I bought the cloth diapers, washed and dried them. They shrank and the middle bunched up inside the outer layer?


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