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National Adoption Day Gallery Roundup

There are a lot of unknowns when designing a nursery. You wonder who this little baby is going to be and what they are going to be like. Families waiting to adopt have a few more variables thrown in. Not only do they often not know what the sex of the baby will be, they don’t know how far along the birth mother may be when they are matched. Because of this, many families design a nursery even before they’ve been matched to make sure they are ready when they meet their baby. Some families choose to wait and then put the nursery together very quickly.

Take a look at some of these lovely nurseries of families who are adopting. Some were still waiting when they posted to our gallery and some started with a gender neutral nursery and went back and added more details once they knew their baby’s sex. National Adoption Day is tomorrow, November 17th. Please click to visit the rooms to read more about these families’ journeys.

Luke’s Nursery


Pink & Purple Princess Room


Baby B’s Nursery


French Parisian Nursery


Sophia’s Nursery

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  1. 1

    What a lovely round-up Beth!

  2. 2
    avatar Sherri Blum, CID

    Agreed! Thanks for including our French nursery in your Adoption Day Gallery. Baby Olivia is thoroughly enjoying her new family and home!

  3. 3

    i am really touched by different stories of families’ adoption journeys. i think it’s such a wonderful thing that there are families who embrace children in need of homes.

  4. 4

    Same here, Amber. I really have tons of respect for parents or families who choose to adopt. I know it’s not easy to let kids not your own into your home and loving them unconditionally. These people’s hearts are really big.

  5. 5
    avatar Dina Christensen

    Their stories are so touching and heartwarming. God bless these families!

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