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A Place for Reading

As a mother of a young child who is just learning “the love of reading,” anytime I can create a space that enhances the experience or invites more book time I am for it. There are so many ways to build a special space for quiet reading.

By adding more pillows to your bed and alternating the direction of pillows and bolsters, your twin bed can become a reading daybed.

image via Children’s Rooms: Stockholm from PAUMES Publishing

Small closets with doors removed or other empty nooks can be a great place to create a reading room.

image via Children’s Rooms: Stockholm from PAUMES Publishing

Lofts are great for relaxing and reading, or you can build a “reading fort” in your child’s room.

image via Bebes a Paris from PAUMES Publishing

Bookshelves are great for keeping your library in order. A comfy chair nearby makes choosing a story easy.

image via Bebes a Paris from PAUMES Publishing

Where is your child’s favorite place to read?

  • Natasha Cune

    I have always dreamed of having my own reading nook :)

  • Nanette

    I, too, always wanted a reading nook growing up. Our rental home has the perfect spot for a nook in my daughter’s room, and it’s one of her fav spots:

  • Ginger

    So go ahead and get yourself a reading nook! We moms deserve it!

  • Natasha Cune

    Well, there’s the issue of space. Maybe when the kids go to college, I’d have plenty or space to choose from to convert to a reading nook. LOL

  • Florence

    That’s a cozy spot you have there. I also want a reading corner, but I want it by the window.

  • Dina Christensen

    I love reading, too, and my dream reading spot is not just a nook or a corner or a window seat, it’s a treehouse! Now that I’m too big for a little treehouse, I hope I can build one for my girls.


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