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Apple Picking: Children’s Room Accessories

I love the Fall—the autumnal colors, the air becoming more crisp and apples everywhere. Whether you are running out to go pick up Apple’s new iPhone or jumping in the car to go apple picking with the family, let’s face it, we have apples on the brain. Come with me, and let’s do a little apple picking together.

These adorable tonal plushy apple pillows from Studio Meez are soft and would make a very sweet addition to a bed or glider.

Dreaming of a chic way to fill your child’s room with music? How about these adorable wooden apple speakers? Tiny and portable, making travel easy, they look cute on a desk and fit neatly in a school bag. Just plug in and start grooving.

Maybe baby’s not quite ready to bite into an apple, but this apple-shaped teether is surely a yummy alternative. Filled with sterilized water and PVC free, it’s a juicy way to sooth your baby.

Walls are always an opportunity to have a lot of fun! Reach for this precious apple printed on wood from Petite Collage. Shatterproof and safe for a nursery, the apple never falls far from the super chic tree!

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, and a good night’s sleep is always important! Slip into these apple bed linens, and get ready for those first days of school. Made from 100% cotton and printed on both sides, they’ll surely make for sweet dreams, of apple pie no doubt.

All this talk of seasonal cuisine reminds me of wonder mom, author and nutritional practitioner Kim Corrigan-Oliver. I was so thrilled to contribute the cover art for her amazing book, aptly titled Raising Happy Healthy Babies. Check out them apples and all its wonderful information on your baby’s taste buds, nutrition and some of my very own apple illustrations on the cover and within the pages.

Keep baby’s little head warm with these hand knit apple caps! So delicious.

Available in red, pink and blue, these graphic apple pillows from Jonathan Adler are a great way to bring harvest time into the nursery.

Glow the whole day through with these quirky apple lamps. This glam version of our seasonal fruit reminds us that apples aren’t just for teachers!

Wishing everyone a wonderful autumn and a fruitful season of delicious design!

  • airconditioned

    The hand-knit apple hats are so cute! Gotta love the creativity of this post.

  • Rachel Doria

    Wow thanks for featuring my hat! It is a pretty cute one if I do say so myself.

  • Kim Corrigan-Oliver

    Thanks for the shout out Sam!!! Appreciate it.

  • Lisapeck

    Hi Sam: These are really great picks (pun intended!) I love the speakers and the teether!

  • Guest

    Congrats on the book illustration, Sam!

  • Tasha Cune

    I had fun “apple-picking” with you! I actually find myself wanting more photos!

  • Faye Pearson

    So many more lovely apple stuff out there. I want more!!!

  • Sam Simon

    Those apple hats are the bomb! Thanks for the nice comments about the post! xoSS

  • Sam Simon

    I LOVE your apple hat! I need one in my size! Great work! xoSS

  • Sam Simon

    Thank you!! xoSS

  • Sam Simon

    My pleasure!! xoSS

  • Sam Simon

    Thanks! The speaker is one of my faves!! xoSS

  • Sam Simon

    Thank you!! xoSS

  • Sam Simon

    Glad you enjoyed the piece! It was hard to narrow the photos down! SO much fun stuff out there!! xoSS

  • Sam Simon

    Thanks Faye! Im glad you enjoyed the post! More fun stuff to come! xoSS

  • Lisapeck

    I can see why! Do you own those? How do they sound?


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