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A Nod to Nod

Many months ago, I noticed that something was happening over at The Land of Nod. They may not know this, but our relationship goes way back. They were my source for my oldest son’s first crib, and ever since, I’ve enjoyed receiving their catalogs move after move after move. Just the other day, I came home from vacation to see their latest catalog peeking out of my mail pile, and you know what? It’s filled with greatness!

My hat goes off to you, designers, sourcing people, marketing guys and gals. With a colorful new website, amped-up wall decor options and finally, great bedding designs carrying kids from crib to toddler to twin, Land of Nod, you just moved up on my personal, go-to online shopping list. Readers, I hope you go check it out.

  • The Land of Nod

    Wonderful! So glad you enjoy our catalog!

  • dandelion

    Eye candies alert! This reminds me: I should subscribe to their catalog!

  • Florence Amber

    I really love their arts and crafts toys and their Nod chairs. But everything else is really cute, too.

  • Tasha Cune

    Oh, I didn’t even know about the catalog! Thanks for the info!


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