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Gallery Roundup: Gallery Walls

Gallery walls have been trending for a while in our Gallery. We thought we’d spotlight a few of these mini art displays. From artwork to photos, found objects to hand-drawn images, from bright and bold to soft and sophisticated, you can make any style gallery you want to fit your decor.

Modern Vintage Mix Nursery


Neutral Nursery with Pops of Color by


  Baby Bowden’s Nursery by


 Brynn’s Big Girl Room by


Ariston’s Eclectic Nursery
by Lmphotos


  Gavin’s Vintage Industrial Inspired Nursery by


London’s Big Girl Room


Scarlett’s Vintage Teacup Inspired Nursery


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  • Caron

    I love these! My favorite is The Neutral Nursery With Pops of Color. I love the restraint, the quietness of the rest of the room in contrast to the beautiful wall art. Very well done!

  • Carolyn Hansen

    My heart goes to London’s Big Girl Room I just love lively and vibrant colors!

  • Diane Mathias

    The pastel-colored frames in Brynn’s Big Girl Room are just so yummy! I wish I could do something like this to our room, but my husband would surely object!

  • Jasmine C.

    I really like the look of frames in various shapes and sizes randomly arranged together on the wall.

  • Frauline Melfi

    Lovely gallery walls! I used to think doing gallery walls were a traditional design concept and a long-ago trend. But it’s really getting more and more “in” nowadays and most homes have their own similar gallery of framed photos and prints.

  • Shai Virtuso

    Yeah, it’s getting to be trendy now. But compared to how they did gallery walls back then, today’s gallery walls come with more colors and knick-knacks or prints get tossed in together with the photos.

  • MarissaS

    I love Brynn’s candy colored frames, Baby Bowden’s chalkboard wall, and Scarlett’s framed skeleton keys.

  • 12andcounting

    I would love a chalkboard, but I’m afraid of the chalkdust and the mess. (Yeah, I know there are dust-free chalks out there, but still…)

  • Holly

    This is definitely my next project for my daughter wall, love it :)

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