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DIY: Designing Centerpieces to Match Your Party

If you haven’t heard of the Blumebox, it’s this really neat shaped cardboard box that is absolutely perfect for creating floral centerpieces. But what I think I like most about Blumeboxes is how versatile and reusable they are. I have even used them with a plate on top as a cake stand. I like to get a lot of use out of my party props—my closets (and garage!) are already overflowing with party goods, so having pieces that work hard for me is important.

The Blumebox is a great workhorse. Ribbon and a detail circle are one common way to dress up these boxes, but when I really want to match my party, I use this easy trick to make the boxes match seamlessly. All you need is a few sheets of scrapbook paper!

Materials Needed: Blumebox, Scrapbook paper, Scissors, Double-sided tape

Step 1. Trace around the Blumebox on the reverse side of your scrapbook paper.

Step 2. Cut out your shape.

Step 3. Use the double-sided tape to adhere the paper to the side of the Blumebox.

Step 4. Repeat until you have as many sides of the boxes covered as you want! (I did two here in the photos.)

You can also put your detail just at the top of the box like the Blumebox on the right in the picture above. Trace only the top portion of the box in this case!

Thank you to Buds, Etc. for the lovely floral arrangements!

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  • Andrea


    What a great feature! Thanks so much for sharing Blumebox!


  • Zen

    I’m just going to go ahead and order dozens of those Blumeboxes!

  • Vicki Murray

    Great tutorial! Love my Blumeboxes! I tend to use them more for candy than flowers but never think to add the paper to coordinate! Will be doing it for the next party! Thanks!

  • Frauline Melfi

    Really nice! I had used this kind of box before too for my DIY pinwheels!

  • BriskRain

    Nothing can beat empty glass bottles, in my opinion.

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