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Canopies Galore

Using a canopy in a nursery or child’s room is a quick and easy way to create a dramatic look in the space. Rich fabrics surrounding a beautifully styled bed gives a more complete, polished and classic look.

Besides loving the color scheme of this room, I love the bed crown with canopy. The vaulted ceilings and high windows give the space such a regal look.

Using a sheer, airy canopy is a whimsical way to frame a crib. This room is a mix of shabby chic and sweet baby; the canopy is used perfectly to add height and interest while staying in the same monotone color palette.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s daughter’s room uses a gorgeous canopy with bold colors to cover the entire bed, making it the focal point of the room.

Although this canopy is simple, it still makes an important statement in the room. This one even looks like it could be an easy DIY with a simple piece of moulding and some fabric (not simple for me but for those of you who are a tad handy).

Have a great canopy in your baby or child’s room? Do share!

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  • Canopydesigner


    This room was designed for a boy named Kylar by his mom Ali. She painted the free by hand. The pooh is a decal. Love it

  • Canopydesigner

    My apologies I’m used the wrong url. Here is another link to photos of Kylar’s nursery called “Little Prince” on rate my space. So many times it is hard to design a classy boy’s nursery. Ali painted the tree by hand and ordered several custom made decor items from Etsy artisans.

  • Dandelion

    Love the one on the second photo. I really like a soft net canopy. Keeps bugs and mosquitoes away!

  • Shai Virtuso

    I like canopies, but I think they just won’t do if I am not going for the grand look.

  • ProudDad2B

    I agree with you Dandelion on the second one! I like that too. But I’ve read somewhere that canopies might be dangerous? Especially if the baby is growing? Ist that true?

  • ToddlerRemedies

    I agree with you Dandelion on the second one!I like that too. But I’ve read somewhere that canopies might be dangerous? Especially if the baby is growing?Ist that true?

    Actually having anything over your child’s bed is dangerous. But you could make sure that everything is fastened correctly and if you follow the manufacturer’s manual to the letter, then you would probably have no problems.

  • 12andcounting

    If it were up to me, I wouldn’t go for canopies because they’re such a hassle to put up and to clean. But it seems all little girls love this bed feature! I had no choice but to let my little girl have one.

  • deann

    How would one (myself lol) go about making this canopy. I love the shelf on the wall with the drapes coming out. I have 2 girls and I will be surprising them with new room decor and I believe I found my inspiration if I could just figure out how to make it


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