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An Interview with Melisa at Rosenberry Rooms

Our lovely Melisa has been chatting with the ladies of Rosenberry Rooms. See what she has to say about Project Nursery, her kids’ rooms and a big announcement in her interview.

Check out the full interview for product details.

  • Jasmine C.

    I am excited for this new project!!! Go go go!!!

  • Tasha Cune

    Me too, am exited! And about Reese Witherspoon, I say it would indeed be great if she calls on PN to do her new baby’s nursery! I really love Reese. She’s so stylish in a laid back kind of way.

  • Frauline Melfi

    I have been to Thailand, too, and it’s a really beautiful place! I want to take my kids there someday. Other parts of Southeast Asia that I have visited are Bali, Indonesia and Cebu, Philippines. Charming tropical paradise!

  • IngridCalloway

    I didn’t know you are half-Chinese, Melissa! I couldn’t tell at all. I love so many things about Chinese culture. If you don’t mind my asking, what’s the other half?

  • Dandelion

    Now that you’ve mentioned it, Melissa indeed reminds me of Kristen Kreuk, who played Clark Kent’s love interest in Smallville. (I have watched only the first season, so I don’t know if she stayed for the remaining seasons.) And I heard she’s half-Chinese half-Dutch.

  • Shai Virtuso

    @Dandelion: Do you have a photo of that Kristen Kreuk? Just curious :+)

  • Dandelion
  • ToddlerRemedies

    Yeah, she played Lana Lang in Smallville. I agree that both Melissa and Kristen have intense eyes and charming smiles. They could pass as sisters.


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