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DIY: Cupcake Liner Bouquets

Looking for a quick and easy DIY craft to add the wow factor to your next baby shower or party? We tackled this paper flower project for my last baby shower that was inspired by the ultimate craft guru Martha Stewart. We created a bunch of paper flowers using cupcake liners and placed them in vases as colorful decor. We added pins to the back of the leftover flowers for the guests to wear and take home as favors.

How do you do this?


Various cupcake liners (regular & mini sized)
Floral wire (stems)
Stickers and embellishments
Hot glue gun

To create the flowers with stems:

1. Use the floral stem to poke a small hole through the center of a liner.
2. Bend the tip of the wire and glue to the inside of liner.
3. Layer on a second liner and glue together.
4. Top with a sticker or embellishment.
5. To create variation, try gathering a mini liner and glue to the center in lieu of the sticker.

To create the flower pins:

1. Skip the floral wire step, and add a pin to the back. Ta-da!

Do you have a DIY party project you want to tell us about?


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