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No More Boring Walls

When I first started in this business, I worked in our NYC store. Many of my clients faced the challenge of having limited space. Because of this, I learned early on to pay attention to the walls as a way to maximize their space. I am always on the hunt for cool and different ideas to decorate walls that will make a statement and make good use of some very valuable space.

One of my favorite easy and inexpensive looks is using empty frames in a collage arrangement. This collection of shabby chic vintage frames in varying shapes would add interest to any wall. The more the merrier!

For the hipper parent, this look rocks in a music lover’s playroom or kid’s bedroom. Framed vintage album covers are a great way to expose our kids to “good music” while putting those old albums to good use.

image from Livingetc

Everyone loves using letters to spell a child’s name or to put up a favorite saying, but I think this idea of a wacky alphabet using different textures, sizes and objects is brilliant. We’ve even seen a couple uses of this technique in the Project Nursery gallery.

Alphabet Wall

When I hear of a creative way to put up cute pics of your little one (beyond your basic frame), I’m always intrigued. These silhouettes by Jennifer Delonge are simple, adorable, modern and fresh; this is a fun way to show off your little one’s perfect profile.Baby Silhouette

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  • Zsa Zsa

    Ahh, there’s just so much one can do with bare walls. Walls are one part of the home that’s just teeming with creative possibilities. :)

  • Lauren

    I just love walls lined with frames of different shapes and sizes. And it’s really great that at this age, we have stick-on hooks to hang frames on. We don’t have to worry about pockmarks on our walls!

  • Nina

    You know what we have something in common we both love to hunt for cool and different ideas to decorate walls that will make a statement and make good use of some very valuable space, you said it right. For me boring walls are very odd and I don’t want that to happen also. I am considering you art works here are great ideas that you have shared when you post this stuff.


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